Beswicks Sports expand to open new Brazil office

Beswicks Sports are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Brazil, as they aim to expand their presence within South America. 

The Brazil branch will be spearheaded by Diego Torres, grandson of 1970 World Cup winning captain Alberto Carlos and son of fellow former Brazil international Alexandre Torres.  

Born in Brazil, Diego has spent more than a decade living abroad in both Japan and the UK, where he graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in Sports Marketing and PR. 

Since returning to his homeland, he has launched his own successful marketing agency. This has allowed him to develop a wealth of connections and gain vast experience, both of which will benefit the new office. 

A South American base will allow the agency to focus on enhancing and establishing relationships with both players and clubs across the continent, with a special focus on developing careers and creating stronger links in both North and South America. 

At present, a large proportion of South American players are intent on heading to Europe, but Beswicks believes that both the MLS and USL provides an excellent pathway for young footballers to develop their careers.  

Speaking about the opening of the new office, Diego explained how he is excited about the new venture and detailed its initial aims. 

“I am extremely excited and motivated,” he said. 

“I believe that this partnership will open a lot of doors and that together we will be able to develop many opportunities and build a strong image for Beswicks here in Brazil. 

“Our primary aim at the beginning is to establish ourselves as the main agency in taking Brazilians and South Americans to the MLS and USL, and then to become one of the top agencies in the market,” he added. 

Beswicks Sports Managing Director, Gary Mellor, also expressed his excitement ahead of the company’s latest venture.  

“Beswicks are delighted to be able to announce our expansion into South America with our new office. 

“Brazil has long been the biggest exporter of talent in the world of football and this shows no signs of diminishing with the new Brexit regulations in the UK.

“We are pleased to solidify our presence in the Americas, and hope to lead the way in establishing a clearer pathway between players in South America to Europe and North America. 

Beswicks have been operating for over 20 years, and in that time have developed an extensive network of connections and clients. 

“We have worked successfully with leagues, clubs, players, investors and businesses all keen to be part of one of the fastest growing football economies in the world.

Our extensive network, market knowledge and hands-on approach to transactions has paid dividends, and we are now one of the leading transatlantic agencies,” said a statement from Beswicks. 

“Having known Diego for more than ten years, we are confident that there is no better person to be taking on the exciting challenge of heading the office in Brazil.

Having been established in 1999, Beswicks now has over two decades of experience and remains one of the market’s leading sports agencies. 

Opened initially in Stoke-on-Trent, the company still operates out of its UK base but is now a global agency, with offices in China and Spain, as well as a number of US cities.  

Excitement across the company is building ahead of the launch of the new office, and it is hoped that Beswicks’ existing network will allow the latest addition to achieve immediate success. 

Diego Torres Q&A

The opening of Beswicks’ new branch in Brazil presents an exciting opportunity for both the company itself and young footballers in the country

Spearheaded by Diego Torres, the office will operate throughout South America and will work closely with the company’s well established North American office, to maintain pathways into the MLS and USL.

Diego spent six years in the UK, where he attained a degree in Sports Marketing and PR from Leeds Beckett University. 

Since returning to his native Brazil, Diego has launched his own marketing company, and has now developed an extensive network of clients and contacts, something that will undoubtedly come in handy when the new office opens. 

Here, Diego answers our questions, providing more of an insight into the new venture and telling us more about himself. 

Q: How excited are you to be opening Beswicks’ new office in Brazil?

A: “I’m extremely excited and motivated. I believe that this partnership will open a lot of doors and together we will be able to develop many opportunities and build a strong image for Beswicks in Brazil and across South America.”

Q: For South American players, what makes Beswicks the perfect fit?

A: “The link to North America and Europe, those are the aims for any south American player and we hope to be able to establish links to those two areas.” 

Q: Why is now the right time to branch out into South America?

A: “There is no one fully focused on the US market at present and there is nothing similar to this partnership. The network that both Beswicks and myself are capable of creating will be unprecedented and we hope that it will enable us to have success straight away.” 

Q: What are the main aims of the new office, both in the next year and long term?

A: “Our first aim is to become the main agency taking Brazilians and South Americans to North America, and then to become one of the top agencies in the entire market. Also, in the near future, we hope to be able to provide other services to the Brazilian and South American markets, such as consultation.” 

Q: Beswicks already has an office in North America, will there be a focus on moving players in that direction? 

A: “I believe we want to maximize this connection and make it our priority. Currently, Europe presents an excellent opportunity for players from South America and we hope to continue that, but we also want to reiterate the fact that the MLS and USL are an enticing prospect and one that more players should opt for.” 

Q: Brazil has always been the envy of much of the footballing world and has an array of iconic players and teams. How successful can the nation’s next generation of players be? 

A: “Well, they have won the golden medal in the Olympics this year, so that already tells us a lot about their ability. I believe that Brazil is a never-ending player factory. There is always a superstar emerging on the Brazilian football scene.” 

Q: Many young players who leave Brazil and South America head for Europe, do you aim to encourage more to head to the US? If so, how do you plan to do that?

A: “Well, now the MLS is becoming a stepping-stone to the European market, but also, the US has one of the best lifestyles and structures in the world. I believe that any player who is looking to move abroad will be keen to move to the US, and we want to assist them in realising this dream.” 

Q: On a personal note, you have a rich family history within the sport. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

A: “Both my father and grandfather were football players, my grandfather was Carlos Alberto Torres, captain of the Brazilian 1970 World Cup winning team. My father, Alexandre Torres, was a defender who also had an impressive career, achieving some caps for the national team and playing abroad in Japan, where he was managed by Arsene Wenger and Carlos Queiroz. I believe it’s a facilitator, I was pretty much born on the pitch, I had a lot of experiences by just being around them and it has also helped me to meet a lot of people and to get to know the market in a more familiar way. My background is very useful, but I also prepared myself to be in a position like this.” 

Q: Does having such rich family footballing heritage stand you in good stead to better do your job? 

A: “I believe it helps, but you can’t allow yourself to become complacent, as you have to be prepared and ready for anything. I had the opportunity to live abroad for 11 years, both in Japan and in the UK. I studied a lot and I have been working since an early age. So, I believe that success is when opportunity meets preparation.

Q: Being a Brazilian who has lived in the UK, what makes you sure that a British-based company can succeed in South America? 

A: “In Brazil, anything that is imported is relevant to the market and the public. Beswicks has many successful cases and strong connections in different leagues and clubs all over the world, and this is what players, clubs and agents are looking for in the Brazilian and South American markets.” 

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