Tim Bailey sheds light on FIFA regulations

Beswicks Sports’ Tim Bailey will be providing expert insight into the global regulation of football during a virtual classroom seminar.

Top sports lawyer Tim will be sharing his knowledge with sports professionals and their advisors, looking in particular at the application of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of players.

Tim is teaming up with MBL Seminars to deliver the one-and-a-half hour live session on 14 June.

He explained: “FIFA regulations can be incredibly complex but it’s essential that clubs, players and those who are advising them have a solid understanding of the rules and how they affect both the domestic and international game.

“The aim of the session is to provide participants with an introduction to FIFA regulations and the international transfer of professional footballers.”

Topics to be covered in the seminar include:

  • How the global regulation of football is structured, the role of FIFA and its objectives regarding the international movement of players
  • Application of FIFA regulations in the domestic game
  • The player registration system and transfers
  • Club and player contractual stability
  • Protection of minors
  • Training compensation and solidarity
  • Jurisdiction of FIFA

The Learn Live session will be recorded, enabling participants to access the recording and revisit the material discussed afterwards.

To sign up for Tim’s virtual classroom seminar, visit the MBL Seminars website.

For all other enquiries, contact Beswicks Sports on 01782 205000 or visit www.beswickssports.com

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