Beswicks Sports featured in 4 national newspapers..

Beswicks Sports Managing Director Gary Mellor has featured in 4 separate articles this week in the national media as sports journalists throughout the country recognise that there is an appetite to understand the players perspective of returning to play.

Beswicks Sports have over 170 players throughout Europe and North America playing in all leagues from the premier league through to league 2, the MLS, USL and La liga.

During an interview with Sam Cunningham (Sports journalist at the I Paper) Gary said “during the pandemic the team and myself have spoken to a lot of our players and not a single player has said they do not want to get the season started and play football”

Gary defended accusations that players would be taking testing equipment away from front line workers but questioned the reliability of the testing equipment if it has been secured ahead of the Government who obviously have more resource.

Gary said “I don’t buy the argument of ‘why do players get tested before key workers? That shouldn’t be the case, I would question the procurement office of the government. The premier league is not richer than the government, is it the case that they are buying substandard equipment? Our priority is that the test is right to protect our players”

We all want football to start back again but the safety of the players is our priority.

Asked about the Bundesliga Gary said “ we have been speaking to our contacts in Bundesliga, they think it’s a great opportunity for them to steal a march on the premier league. Everyone will be  watching and it’s a big opportunity to take over the TV rights. They are excited that they have got together and feel it’s a chance to market themselves to the world. We could lose our position as the No 1 league in the world, that’s a real prospect”

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