Beswicks Sports experts on hand 24/7

In the current uncertain economic climate football faces unprecedented problems arising from Covid-19.

Beswicks Sports remains on hand to provide support and assistance to players, clubs and businesses involved in or connected with football.

We all face important issues relating to the effect of changes in regulation of the sport, whether that be rescheduling the season, player employment and movement or commercial contracts.

We have the expertise available to help you.

Please be assured that the wellbeing of everyone we work with is our priority. Our team has been fully briefed and we have taken appropriate steps to mitigate any risks associated with Covid-19, following all Government guidance.

We also have robust contingency plans in place, which enable us to operate from any location effectively and securely should that be necessary, ensuring no interruption to delivery of our services.

The following key members of the team are available 24/7 by telephone, email and WhatsApp

Gary Mellor (Managing Director)

+44 7979 745599

Tim Bailey (Sports Lawyer)

+44 7500 666168

Jon Hassall (Head of Football)

+44 7881 090590

Sam Winstanley (FA Intermediary)

+44 7788 426426

George Mellor (FA Intermediary)

+44 7500 058730

James Fowell (FA Intermediary)

+44 7498 242701

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